Hello! I am Alexandria|

Highly Sensitive Person | Vivacious Victor | Pattern-Disruptor | Cycle-Breaker | Boundary Badass | Professional Troublemaker | Untamed Woman

How She Serves

Alexandria Thibodeaux, The Self-Advocacy Authority™, is an Interpersonal Communication + Relationship Strategist specializing in self-reverence™, self-advocacy, and sensory processing sensitivity. She teaches women of color how to self-advocate with clarity, integrity, assurance, and consistency.

Alexandria is uniquely positioned as thee Self-Advocacy Authority™ for women of color because she is without imposter syndrome and rejects humility.


As a stunning storyteller, Alexandria combines uncut storytelling with science & unconventional wisdom to teach, challenge, and expand minds and push the collective forward. She speaks on topics including but not limited to: relationship to self, interpersonal relationships, psychology, effective communication, activism, and emotional trauma.

"When I saw you speak I thought: 'This woman is wild! I've got to get to know her!" -- Tanairi Fontes


A transcriber of truths and passionate poet, Alexandria is a wholehearted writer. She contributes her words on her blog, newsletter, and various media outlets including Medium and Authority Magazine.

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