Self-Advocate Audaciously


Do you struggle with any of the below?

  • Confronting a romantic partner when they have said things that hurt you
  • Declaring your true values and beliefs to a friend
  • Setting a boundary with a family member that keeps pestering you
  • Asking for a raise in the workplace

You are not alone. Self Advocate Audaciously is a ground-level program to kickstart your self-reverence™ and teach you the tools to start declaring your needs — AUDACIOUSLY!

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Alexandria Thibodeaux

The Boundary Badass™

Interpersonal Communication Consultant

So what’s stopping you from advocating for yourself to your friends, your family, your partner, your boss, or your colleagues so can assert your needs and live in peace & integrity?

Probably a lack of clear direction and a lack of self-understanding.
Don’t worry. That’s where Self-Advocate Audaciously comes in.

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Introducing: Self-Advocate Audaciously

A Program + Community for Developing the Skills to Self-Advocate Consistently

Self-advocate audaciously will take you from uncertain & overwhelmed to self-advocating with specific guidance and actionable deadlines along the way. In 9 impactful modules, you’ll learn all you need to know to have to audacity to self-advocate and get what you want, what you need, and to preserve your integrity and protect your peace.

What’s so great about self-advocating with consistency? All'a this:

A secure sense of self

that nurtures & maintains confidence & assurance in advocating for and asserting yourself.

Aligned interpersonal relationships

that are more mutually fulfilling, comfortable, and joyful.

More freedom, autonomy, and peace in your relationships

and in turn, in your quality of life and well-being.

Getting what you want and getting your needs met

so you are not dismissed, ignored, and unfulfilled.

In this program, you will learn and take action on my effective strategy for self-advocating with clarity, integrity, and assurance that not only creates a secure sense of self to allow for you to self-advocate, but also provides valuable and unparalleled skills to self-advocate with effective communication. That means more mutual understanding, more empathy, and more peace between you and members of your communities. It also means less confusion, stress, and overwhelm when communicating with and existing in community with your people. And THAT means no more shrinking yourself for the comfort and convenience of others.

Abundance is your birthright! And you’ve got to advocate for yourself to claim it!

Interested in making it happen for yourself?

Enrollment for January 15, 2022 is now open, pre-order now!

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